Vert Shock Challenge: Week 2

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Well, I’m gonna make this brief.  I’m not going to finish the Vert Shock program.  I know you must be disappointed!  The truth is I’m disappointed too, but this is just not the right time to complete this program.

Unfortunately, life has gotten a little crazy and working on my vertical jump is just not at the top of my priority list right now.

But I wanted to write this post to give you a little insight to my brief experience with the Vert Shock program.  I did the program for 2 weeks, and here is what I can say about it from my perspective.

First off, the program is NOT a scam!  It really does work.  In fact in the short two weeks that completed the program I gained 2 or 3 inches to my vertical.  I was playing hoops Saturday and after playing for two hours I was still able to touch much higher on the backboard than I was able in my before video that I posted on Youtube.

With this fact in mind I can say with confidence that if you do the program consistently over the 8 weeks you’ll see serious vertical jumping gains.  The secret is to follow the program strictly and do each exercise with 100% effort.

Good luck to anyone who’s doing the Vert Shock program.  Let me know about your progress in the comments below!

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