Ultimate Basketball Gift Ideas for 2017

We have an awesome collection of basketball related gifts to recommend for those who have family or friends who are basketball players or basketball fans.  Whether you want to get a gift to give someone the opportunity to improve their game or grow their appreciation for the sport, we've got you covered in this list.  We have tried to break down each of the 15 gifts into categories to help make finding a great basketball present a breeze.

Steph Curry's Masterclass

The basketball interwebs have been abuzz ever since it was announced that Stephen Curry is releasing a basketball instructional course through a partnership with Masterclass.  This is the first time ever that a top NBA level star has created such an interactive program to help players of all ability levels to improve their game.  Steph is the perfect player to develop such a program because of his reliance on skill rather than size and athleticism. 

If you are looking for a gift for a basketball player then this is our number 1 choice for 2017.  True players only want to get better and being taught by the best can only help in that journey.  Sign up today to pre-enroll your hooper into the program which comes out in early 2018.

Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade

A basketball arcade for your home is a great gift idea for kids who have an interest in the game.  We've reviewed many basketball arcades and this system from Pop-A-Shot is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality.  The Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade comes with 10 different game modes and uses infrared scoring sensors that are super accurate.  If you are going to be buying a basketball arcade for Christmas, this is the one to get.


POWERHANDZ are one of the most effective training tools we've ever come across to improve your ball handling.  These training gloves use weights on the outside of the gloves and a faux leather material on the inside to create an anti-grip sensation while dribbling. If you have a player in your home who is serious about getting better, then these are a must-have tool. Check out our full review for more info.

Vert Shock

Every basketball player dreams of being able to throw down a dunk on a fast break in the heat of a game.  The truth is that to be able to dunk you have to work hard, but also smart.  This is where Vert Shock comes in to play.

Developed by division I collegiate athlete and personal trainer Adam Folker, Vert Shock is comprehensive 8 week training program designed to maximize your vertical jumping abilities.  In fact, most participants who go through the program see a 9 inch gain in their vertical jump or greater.  Whether the goal is to dunk or become a better finisher around the rim, Vert Shock is a great gift to get anyone who wants to become a more athletic basketball player. 

Spalding Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding is the leading manufacturer of basketball hoops and even produces the basketball hoops used in the NBA.  The Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop from Spalding is an innovative and is an improvement from existing portable basketball systems.  This basketball hoop is filled with both water and sand making it easier to add or take away weight.  The breakaway rim and backboard are also of high quality, especially for a recreational hoop.  Because of these features this hoop made our list of the five best portable basketball systems.

Wilson Evolution Indoor Basketball

During the Winter months basketball players often find themselves in the gym working on their game.  While indoor/outdoor basketballs work inside, there is simply nothing better than a premium quality indoor only basketball.  The Wilson Evolution is the top rated indoor basketball for 2017 and should be at the top of your list if buying a basketball for a loved one.

Basketball (And Other Things)

Our choice for best basketball book of 2017 is Basketball (And Other Things) from Shea Serrano.  This book takes a look at the many different debatable aspects of the game and digs deep into the obscure corners of the game.  Hilariously funny and supremely entertaining, Basketball (And Other Things) is a great pick for any hoops fanatic.

Stance Larry Bird Socks

The perfect gift for those baby boomer fathers who love to live the glory days when the Celtics and the Lakers battled for basketball immortality.  Now the likeness of Larry Legend can be worn on your pop's smelly feet.  God Bless America!

Basketball Bedding

Basketball bedding is a great addition to any basketball themed bedroom.  The design of this bedding set is cool and modern making them a favorite for any young hooper or hoopette.  

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Ready to take your rim rocking jams inside to your own room?  Well, maybe your parents aren't so hot of the idea, but you might just convince them if you can throw down a perfect tomahawk jam on this mini basketball hoop that includes a polycarbonate backboard, breakaway rim, and mini basketball.

FitDeck Basketball

This 56 card deck will blow you away with the number and variety of basketball drills you can do to take your game to the next level.  Cards are broken down into different activity categories including inside moves, triple-threat, off-the-dribble, shooting, and more!  If you are looking for a gift for someone who is always looking for ways to get better then be sure to check out FitDeck.

DribbleUp Smart Basketball

We've seen and featured smart basketballs that primarily focus on your shooting skills and technique.  But today there is a new smart basketball in town by the name of DribbleUp.  Rather than focusing on shooting, the DribbleUp works to enhance your ball handling skills through a dribble speed monitor, guided training sessions, and dribble height analysis.  You can even have dribbling competitions with friends!

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