Spalding Replica Game Ball Review

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Best Outdoor Basketball Rating: Spalding Replica Game Ball

Bounce: 4.5/5

Grip: 4/5

Feel: 5/5

Durability: 3.5/5

Value: 5/5

Overall: 4.9/5


Main Features

  • High quality composite leather that works to maximize three things: grip, feel, and control
  • Looks just like the NBA Official Game Ball while providing a durability suitable for indoor/outdoor play
  • One of the softest indoor/outdoor composite leather covers you will find.  Feels more like an indoor ball compared to almost all the other basketballs tested.
  • The Spalding Replica Game Ball has a traditional channel design

Welcome to the big boys of the indoor/outdoor basketball game.  We at BestOutdoorBasketball are proud to introduce you to one of the best indoor/outdoor basketballs available: The Spalding Replica Game Ball.  This basketball impressed us immediately after taking it out of the packaging.  It quickly became apparent to us that this basketball was far superior to the other popular options from Spalding, including the Zi/O and All Conference.  Compared to these two basketballs, the Spalding Replica Game Ball has a better feel and far more consistent bounce performance.  It even has a better sound when bounced on the court.

The Spalding Replica Game Ball does the best to imitate the performance of a true indoor basketball out of the basketballs we tested, with the possible exception being the Molten GM7.  We really love the feel of this basketball and the grip is also above average.

The Spalding Replica Game Basketball Comes With Detailed NBA Graphics

Our biggest concern about the Spalding Replica Game Ball has to be durability.  We love the performance of this basketball but because the composite leather cover is softer than many other basketballs it is fair to say that it could wear down quicker with frequent use.  Our belief is that this basketball is likely to last a couple years with frequent play.

Another great aspect of the Spalding Replica Game Ball is that it is an outstanding value.  This basketball is quite a good value considering it is currently ranked as the 2nd best indoor/outdoor basketball money can buy.  It usually sells for somewhere in the high 20s to low 30 dollar range.  Due to the factors that we have listed above we have little doubt that you will be thoroughly impressed with this basketball if you do choose to make this purchase.


  • The composite leather cover is absolutely one of the best you can find for an indoor/outdoor basketball
  • Grip on this basketball is better than average
  • If you are a basketball traditionalist and like traditional channel designs it will suite your preferences
  • The Spalding Replica Game Ball is bar none one of the best values for a basketball available
  • The bounce for this basketball is extremely consistent and better than the vast majority of other basketballs that we tested


  • Durability may be an issue due to the relatively soft cover

It is a wonder why Spalding even bothers making the Zi/O and other similar basketballs when they have such a great product in the Spalding Replica Game Ball.  This basketball made it to our top three indoor/outdoor basketball options and for good reason.  If you love basketball and put a high priority on the overall performance of the basketball you use, then the Spalding Replica Game Ball is without question going to satisfy even the most picky hoop stars.

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