Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System Review

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Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System






Support Pole







  • The hoop has a very professional look due to the backboard quality and breakaway rim
  • This system can support aggressive and professional play because of the heavy duty rim made out of solid steel
  • Tempered glass backboard is a step up from boards made of acrylic  or polycarbonate materials


  • The manual is not user friendly and is at times vague according to purchasers of the hoop
  • The installation process can be difficult without assistance


Full Review

The Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System is a basketball hoop that is very durable and sturdy. This middle-tier hoop’s backboard is steel framed and made of tempered glass. It is a U-turn life system that basically allows you to adjust the height of the basket from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. You can easily play under the rim because of the convenient 2 foot offset.  The backboard has a height of 32 inches, width of 54 inches and thickness of about 0.25 inches. 54 inch backboards tend to offer enough space for bank shots while still being affordable.

The Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System is a solid choice for a serious player who wants to sharpen their skills.

Some key features of the Spalding 88454G In-Ground Basketball System include:

  • The basketball net is made in such a way that it can stand any kind of weather. This is also a good feature that helps you save a little money in the long run.
  • It has two pole pieces that are 4 inches. The best feature about the poles is being adjustable. This makes Spalding 88454G in-Ground Basketball System a good hoop for any age and any skill level.
  • The pole shape is square and is powder coated to prevent rust.


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