Keep Those Ankle Tight: Five Best Basketball Ankle Braces

Hey we’ve all been there. You make a move during a game of basketball and because of some unfortunate event your ankle snaps faster than cheap ply wood.  A rolled ankle is nothing to mess with and it is important that if you have a history of ankle rolls that you protect your ankle with a quality basketball ankle brace.  By using an ankle brace you’ll be able to make moves and play the game with confidence as these braces are designed to reinforce your ankle so that rolls are less likely and less severe.  We have done our research at Best Outdoor Basketball and have come up with five of our top picks to keep your ankles safe and keep you in the game.

1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Our first pick is the ASO Ankle Stabilizer.  A great choice that has many reviews and a high reputation on Amazon.  What we love about the design of the ASO Ankle Stabilizer Ankle Brace is that it has a combination of laces and velcro straps that offer twice the protection from ankle injuries.  These ankle supports are made in the USA so you know they have top notch craftsmanship.

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2. McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap

Similar to the ASO is the McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Support Strap.  These ankle braces will fit either the right or the left foot so you don't need to worry about putting the ankle brace on the "wrong" foot.  Made from Nylon and vinyl fabric, the McDavid Ankle Brace is durable yet comfortable when wearing during game action.  Having the support strap mimics the feel and protection offered from ankle wrapping.  The laces allow for a snug fit and there is no doubt you'll be forgetting all about your ankle issues and play at full speed.

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3. Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace

The Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace is certainly unique when compared to our other best basketball ankle brace options.  This ankle support is easily slipped on to your foot without the need of laces or straps.  Because the Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace is not as heavy duty as the ASO or McDavid, we recommend this support for those looking for mild support or to prevent ankle issues in the future.  The main pros for this ankle brace is the ease of use and that it applies consistent pressure across the ankle and foot.
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4. Mueller Adjustment Ankle Sports Support

If you are not a fan of lace up ankle braces then the Mueller Adjustment Ankle Support is a good alternative.  While you will notice a less snug fit when compared to lace up supports, this ankle brace will certainly get the job done.  Based on user reviews we do recommend that you make sure this ankle brace will fit your foot as some have stated that it did not fit them despite Mueller claiming that this ankle brace is one size fits all.  This ankle support has not seams which maximizes the comfort of the support.
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5. Adidas Adizero Ankle Brace

Everyone and their mom is familiar with the Adidas shoe brand.  What you may not know is that they have many other sports equipment products that you can buy to improve your basketball experience.  The Adidas Adizero Ankle Brace claims a 30% reduction in ankle injuries.  It is also the most stylish ankle brace on our list.  On the down side is that you need to choose between your left or right foot when purchasing, pay attention when purchasing so you do not end up with a brace for the wrong foot.  Also check in with some user reviews to get an idea of what size you may need as this ankle brace is NOT one size fits all.
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