8.1 Total Score Traction Support Materials Comfort Where To Buy:Find The Best Price Pros: Unique color schemes for any taste Traction is top of the line and grips amazinglyTextile upper bands provide excellent support Cons: Lacks cushioning and is not the most comfortable Sole bros Tre good Wear testers mr […]

Nike Kyrie 3 Review

Most of my basketball idols growing up were high flying athletic freaks like Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Kobe. Watching them throw done nasty dunks inspired late night dreams of myself doing the same in front of thousands in packed arenas. The unfortunate truth is that most of us will […]

The Jump Manual: An In Depth Review

As the game of basketball has progressed, the difficulty and the variety of offensive moves has increased.  There was a time when a between the legs dribble was revolutionary.  Now it is something you see all the time. The first time a player dribbled between their legs in a game […]

Between the Legs Dribble: Move of the Month

Best Outdoor Basketball Rating: Spalding TF-500 Basketball Review Bounce: 4.5/5 Grip: 4.3/5 Feel: 5/5 Durability: 5/5 Value: 4.5/5 Overall: 4.8/5 Main Features Shares lineage with the legendary Spalding TF-1000 indoor basketball Cover has the perfect balance between durability and feel for an indoor/outdoor basketball Value is decent with a price point around […]

Spalding TF-500 Basketball Review

Well we took a couple months off from our move of the month segment due to other commitments, but we are back for May!  Today we are going to deep dive into one of the most fundamental dribbling moves used in basketball; the crossover. While discussing the crossover may seem […]

The Crossover Dribble: May Move of the Month

Back for another installment of move of the month, where we breakdown the steps to doing a basketball move.  This month we are taking a closer look at the behind the back dribble.  We’ve already featured the behind the back dribble in our five essential basketball moves article. When To […]

February Move of the Month: Behind the Back Dribble

7.2 Total Score Backboard - 6.5 Rim - 7.0 Support Pole - 7.0  Value - 8.5  Features - 7.0 Where To Buy:Find The Best Price Pros: Great price point for those wanting a starter hoop Nice range of height with easy maneuverability Cool colors and graphics on the backboard Made […]

Review of the Lifetime 90073 Portable Basketball System

Best Outdoor Basketball Rating: Spalding NBA Street Basketball Bounce: 3.5/5 Grip: 2.5/5 Feel: 2.5/5 Durability: 4.5/5 Value: 4.5/5 Overall: 3.5/5   Main Features As of 6/2/15, the #1 Selling Basketball on Amazon Performance Rubber Cover that is Durable and Designed for Outdoor Play Has a Good Bounce Compared to Other Rubber […]

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Welcome to BestOutdoorBasketball.net’s first instructional article.  We are excited to provide great information on the game of basketball and basketball related products.  One of the most common questions from beginning basketball players is “How do I properly shoot a basketball?” While shooting a basketball may seem simple, the truth is that […]

How to Shoot a Basketball in Five Easy Steps

Here at BestOutdoorBasketball.net we like to provide you information on the latest and greatest in the world of basketballs and basketball hoops.  Yet, on occasion there appears a basketball related product that is so outrageously cool that we feel compelled to buy the product and try it out for ourselves. […]

Stance Socks NBA Legends Review