Basketball Tips and Drills

With almost one third of the NBA season over, the Golden State Warriors are once again at the top of the Western Conference Standings and are the hands down favorites to win it all. Even though the Denver Nuggets are not far behind the Dubs in the NBA standings, the […]

Which NBA team has the easiest schedule in February?

We can’t say expect that any person could always predict the NBA Finals winner year after year, but we do think it is fairly reasonably to assume that even the worst fan would get a few right.  Well, not if you’re Stephen A. Smith.  In his usual brilliance, Stephen A.’s […]

Stephen A. Smith Can’t Predict a Finals Winner

Welcome to 2015, where high school basketball players throw down monster dunks while alleviating to the point where their head is completely over the rim.  I wonder what it feels like to actually look down at the hoop! [adsenseyu1]

Dunk for the Ages: Ohh! OHHhh!

[adsenseyu1] Below is a clip that has been tearing through the interwebs lately which features NBA players and a individual by the name of Jesse “Snake” Meunch.  The clip basically shows Jesse doing really advanced streetball type dribbling moves, and then watching the NBA counterparts struggling to mimic the moves.  […]

The Most Important Dribbling Tip

Here at we try to give you frank advice on the best basketballs on the market.  Many of the basketballs we recommend are affordable to almost everyone at $50 for a ball or less.  However, sometimes things get a little weird in the world of basketballs.  Well folks we […]

Ballin’ in Lotion: Hermes $13,000 Basketball