Basketball Reviews Rating Bounce:       Grip:           Style:          Durability: Value:         Overall:   Key Features Official NBA size, 29.5 inches Features NBA player graphic of Kevin Durant Painted in Golden State Warriors colors Premium outdoor rubber cover Review             […]

Spalding NBA Player Kevin Durant Basketball Review

Full Review Background Under Armour started as a small sports apparel brand and has grown into the ranks as one of the leading sports equipment corporations in the United States. They now sponsor premier athletes such as Stephen Curry, Cam Newton, and Jordan Spieth. With this expansion Under Armour has […]

Under Armour Stephen Curry Basketball Review

Becoming the best basketball player you can be should be your top priority if you want to succeed in this game.  While that statement may seem simple at first, the truth is that most players don’t really understand what skills are necessary to become better. Many players perfect street ball […]

Best Basketball Training Programs of 2018

On the cutting edge of basketball technology is the uprising of sensor embedded basketballs that allow you to track your shooting accuracy and improve your shooting game overall.  The newest edition to this budding technology is the Wilson X Connected Basketball.  A clear response to the successful 94Fifty Basketball, Wilson […]

Review of The Wilson X Connected Basketball

Best Outdoor Basketball Rating: Spalding NBA Street Basketball Bounce:       Grip:           Feel:           Durability: Value:         Overall:     Main Features As of 6/2/15, the #1 Selling Basketball on Amazon Performance Rubber Cover that is Durable and Designed […]

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review