Barbarian Destroyer Basketball Hoop Review

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Barbarian Destroyer In-Ground Basketball Hoop






Support Pole







  • Superior quality and design make it one of the top quality hoops
  • Easily adjustable for children of all ages
  • 100% weather resistant, giving it the longest active life of any hoop in the United States
  • Tightened and strengthened build make it the safest basketball hoop available
  • Greatest height adjustment range available on the market (5 1/2 feet-10 feet)


  • Price – This is the most expensive hoop you can find
  • Because of the massive size and weight, you will most likely require a contractor to help with installation

The Barbarian Destroyer Basketball Hoop is designed for the most serious of players in the world. As the name implies this Basketball hoop is capable of handling any slam dunk you can put on it. The hoops frame is made up of a solid 8”X 6” support pole, and 5”X 5” arm extending to the breakaway backboard. Most other home style hoops are connected by 1” or 2” diameter tubes. This makes the Barbarian Destroyer Basketball Hoop the strongest home basketball system in the world.

The entire structure of the hoop is acid washed and then sand blasted to resist cohesion. After that is zinc coated, and then powder coated to give the strongest, most durable, weather resistant frame on the market.

Other Features

  • While the industry standard for glass thickness is 3/8” thick; the Barbarian Destroyer Basketball Hoops backboard glass is ½” thick.
  • One of the most shock resistant home basketball system available.  Known to be basically free from shot vibration
  • The rim is adjustable from 5.5’ to the standard 10’ giving it the largest range of motion of any hoop, and perfect for children of all ages.
  • Backboard pad and pole pad included
  • Made in the USA

For anyone looking to get the most realistic, and professional experience with a basketball hoop on the market, the Barbarian Destroyer Basketball Hoop is the hoop for you. This hoop can handle the highest intensity games from the most aggressive players in the world.  And because of the wonderful quality and design, you can be assured that in most cases this will be the only basketball hoop you ever have to buy again.


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