5 Best Shooters in the NBA Right Now

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Because we love the art of shooting in basketball so much, we have decided to give you a run down on the top 5 shooters in the NBA right now.  Each of these players have unique skill sets from those who are purely set up shooters to those who are masters of creating their own shot.  All five of these players have silky smooth mechanics and understand the mental aspect of shooting.  Click on the slider to see our picks for the top five shooters currently in the NBA.

5. Kyrie Irving

He may be the Robin to Lebron's Batman, but Kyrie Irving is an absolute beast on the hardwood.  Not only can he create his own shot but can hit treys from long range with ease.  

For 2014-15, Kyrie is connecting on 41.5% of three pointers and 48% of 2 pointers from 16 feet to the three point line.  The league average for each of these numbers is 35% and 40%, respectively. 

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4. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is one half of the "Splash Brothers" duo with Stephen Curry (we may be foreshadowing here).  This year the Warriors have come on to the scene as a big time title contender and Klay has helped solidify this reputation.  This season Klay is hitting a career best 45% of three pointers attempted.  This is good for fourth best in the NBA this season so far.  Klay could easily move up even higher on this list if he is able to improve his shooting percentage from 3 feet to 10 feet, which is currently at 37%, below the league average.

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3. Stephen Curry

Two of the best shooters in the entire league on the same team!?  While Klay Thompson has recently begun to garner attention around the NBA, Stephen Curry has been burning nets like NBA Jam Tournament Edition since his college days at Davidson.  While Klay may hit a higher percentage threes compared to Stephen (45% to 39% this year, respectively), Stephen is an absolute beast from 16 feet and closer, making an incredible 55% of shots from 16 feet to 3 feet.  Lastly, we expect that three point shooting percentage to go up as the year goes on as Stephen is a career 43% shooter from beyond the arc.

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2. Kevin Durant

Number two on our list is one of the few sharp shooters who are also seven feet tall (Dirk Nowitzki being the other that comes to mind).  Not only can KD hit 39% of his three point attempts, many of which off the dribble, but once he gets close to the basket just forget about it.  Kevin converts on a ridiculous 83% of attempts that come within three feet of the hoop.  Durant has a true shooting percentage (metric that takes into consideration the extra value of the three) of 60%, while the league average is 53.5% for the year.

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1. Kyle Korver

Simply put, Kyle Korver has revolutionized what was thought possible from a shooting stand point this season.  Korver is draining an incredible 53% of his three point attempts this season, which is significantly higher than his career average of 43%.  For the 2014-15 season, Korver has a true shooting percentage of 74%, if the season ended today this would smash the previous record by 4 percentage points.  While it is obvious that Korver lacks the skill set to create his own shot, by being the sharp shooter he is he forces defenses to play deny against him allowing for his teammates to get the hole easily with out help.  Make no mistake, Korver inspires fear for every team in the NBA.

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